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A Luxury Self-Care Day in Shanghai: Jing’an District

An excellent way to level up your self-care days is to set aside time for luxury treatment. To continue with our “Luxury Self-Care Days On-Location” series, let’s move into the city center of Shanghai—Jingan. It’s a great spot to be in with a little something for everyone. Jingan has everything from hidden city retreats in parks to luxury malls and small shops, street stall food to fine dining.


A Luxury Self-Care Day in Shanghai: Huangpu District

One thing to not fall short on is self-care and by doing it up with a bit of luxury you’re in for superb treat. We already have a routine (if not, you should definitely write one) and know that self-care goes a long way for mental and physical health. At certain times, we can benefit from boosting our self-care regimens.