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10 of My Holiday Season Essentials

At this time of year, I turn to some of my holiday essentials to make the season even more merry for myself, family and friends. These include seasonal meals, getting nice and cozy and indulging in some sweet scents that allow me to daydream.


Don’t Forget to Stuff the Stockings

This tradition has changed over the years to being filled with candy and little knick-knacks; and, of course, different cultures have their own corresponding protocol for filling stockings. At home, my mom tends to be the one who fills our stockings with our favorite sweets and goodies—and no, I’m not too old for that yet!


How to Prepare for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

When it comes to holidays, it is difficult to determine which holiday has the most significant meal. Is it Easter celebration or Christmas merriment? It is hard to say, but one thing is certain, the ONE holiday set around a table gathering is Thanksgiving.