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Twenty-Two Quotes for 2022

To face a new year means to let the others go, and, in doing so, I love looking at quotes for inspiration at the beginning of the year to refocus and refresh to begin my year.


What to Get Your Introvert for Christmas

Do you have an introverted friend or family member? Well, I’m here to help you out because I’m that introverted friend and family member and we introverts tend to have similar tastes. We don’t do much and we like what we like. So when you’re looking for what to get your introvert for Christmas you want to hone in on their unique interests, little things of delight, and practical daily items.


10 of My Holiday Season Essentials

At this time of year, I turn to some of my holiday essentials to make the season even more merry for myself, family and friends. These include seasonal meals, getting nice and cozy and indulging in some sweet scents that allow me to daydream.


When It’s Fall in Florida

Florida is finally starting to have crisp mornings. With brief dips into the sixties and highs starting to trend in the eighties, it’s finally starting to feel like Fall in Florida. Granted we don’t really get a true fall.


20 Lessons I Learned My First Year While Being an Expat

As I sit back waiting for fall to get into full swing, I am reminded about this time a few years ago I was preparing for my first move abroad. My first move ever. It was a crazy time! The whole time rushed past me in a blur. There were documents, luggage, and my mind was trying to process more than it could handle. You never know what quite to expect when moving abroad, just that you should probably expect everything.


5 Home Comforts That are Luxuries in Shanghai

There were many things I needed to get accustomed to after my initial culture shock and lifestyle 180. During my time abroad, there were many things I recognized as home comforts that turned out to luxuries in Shanghai.


10 Things That Make Me Feel Luxurious But Don’t Break the Bank

I got to thinking about things that I enjoy that feel fancy, but are practical and affordable. Luxury does not have to leave a hole in your wallet. Everyone could use a little luxury. It doesn’t have to come at a huge cost, but it does come with thought and consideration.

+ practicing mindfulness

3 Avenues for Practicing Mindfulness

Treat yourself with loving-kindness. Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself time to get there and in the meantime, pat yourself on the back for where you are now, what you have accomplished, and get excited for what’s to come.


Getting That Summer Glow in the Winter Time

For all those who live in places with real winters, how do you face the cold? My first real winter, the hair and skin terrors hit me hard. The winter only lasts a few days in Florida and when I say winter, I mean 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Facing the cold, I concluded the only way to make it through winter without coming out like jerky is to stock up on those holy grail beauty products that would leave my face glowing, hair shining, and skin soft to the touch as though I were sitting on a beach in December.


5 Tips for Saving Around Christmas

One of the most cherished and celebrated holidays around the world is Christmas. The spirit of the season completely changes the atmosphere everywhere. Still, this holiday that brings joy and happiness also carries its share of dread and stress due to the one thing that causes everyone to pull their hair out this season. Money.


30 Things I’m Grateful for This Year

There are reasons to be thankful every day of the year. Sometimes we forget and recollect the traditional sayings of family, friends, and fortune on the “big” day; which, by no means, we should not be thankful for.


From “All Hallows’ Eve” to “Halloween”

Tonight, many of us will go out and binge on our favorite candies and festive foods and turn on the TV to watch marathons of scary movies or shows. Why do we do this, though? Sure, it’s fun and a great excuse to get a sugar high or get close with a significant other. However, just like many other modern holidays, the celebration of Halloween is nowhere close to its origins.