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Organize Your Home Before the Summer

For many, it is just as hard to get organized as it is to stay organized. However, for your home to be functional and not cumbersome, organization is vital. You want cleanliness for purity and you want organization to add fluidity and function.


Let’s Knock Out Some Spring Cleaning

Of all the things we can work on right now, we can start right at home because it’s one of the things in our control zone. Your home should be your sanctuary. Spring, the season of renewal, is the perfect time to cleanse your home and get it into tip-top shape.


10 Elements You Need for Your Glow-Up

The infamous “glow up.” When one seems to positively transform in all aspects of their life, physical, emotional, and mental. Sometimes it seems like a person disappears off the face of the earth and reemerges as an immaculate being. However, getting your “glow up” doesn’t have to be that elusive, mysterious, or complicated. Let’s look at ten elements you need for your glow-up.


My Grown-Up Christmas List

Christmas was a magical time when we were younger. The lights and decorations; those long nights staying up trying to catch Santa Claus; baking Christmas cookies; and most importantly, writing our Christmas lists. We looked forward to getting everything on our lists and seeing the gifts under trees come Christmas morning. To return to childhood bliss!


A Few of My Favorite Things When It’s Christmas

Everyone has that special thing that they like. Those favorite pair of jeans, the genre of music, an odd interest that no one else quite understands… the list can go on. As we are getting close to another holiday, I love seeing my favorite things that I can normally only get or experience about this time of year.


10 Classic Christmas Movies to Put You in the Christmas Spirit

about Christmas time is breaking out the Christmas movies. Just like Christmas music, this is the time to play them like crazy.


When It’s Fall in Florida

Florida is finally starting to have crisp mornings. With brief dips into the sixties and highs starting to trend in the eighties, it’s finally starting to feel like Fall in Florida. Granted we don’t really get a true fall.


Why You Should Take Mental Health Days Instead of Pushing Through Work

We push ourselves beyond our limit, sometimes thinking it’s okay and it will work out for the long run. But the bottom line is that you’re doing more harm than good and can’t recognize you need to step back and breathe. It is after taking a mental health day, that we become aware of the things draining us and refresh our minds.


12 Hobbies for the Elegant Lady

Hobbies are just for you. While the different aspects of our life pull us in a myriad of directions, hobbies are for personal delight. They are about you! Combating boredom, creating challenges, making spaces for enjoyment, promoting wellness and other numerous positives. Avoid listlessness and start adding value, curiosity, and novelty to your life. You’ll find that you’ll start collecting joy.


5 Home Comforts That are Luxuries in Shanghai

There were many things I needed to get accustomed to after my initial culture shock and lifestyle 180. During my time abroad, there were many things I recognized as home comforts that turned out to luxuries in Shanghai.


10 Things That Make Me Feel Luxurious But Don’t Break the Bank

I got to thinking about things that I enjoy that feel fancy, but are practical and affordable. Luxury does not have to leave a hole in your wallet. Everyone could use a little luxury. It doesn’t have to come at a huge cost, but it does come with thought and consideration.

+ practicing mindfulness

3 Avenues for Practicing Mindfulness

Treat yourself with loving-kindness. Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself time to get there and in the meantime, pat yourself on the back for where you are now, what you have accomplished, and get excited for what’s to come.