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The Classic Crème Brulee

“Life is short, make it sweet.” Crème brulee is one of my favorite desserts. I say this about a lot of desserts, but really, I could eat crème brulee everyday. It truly is a dessert that brings a touch of elegance and delight to any part of the day. While rich and smooth in taste, it is not overwhelming. It is also one of … Read More The Classic Crème Brulee


M’s Wine Tasting: 001

There will be many occasions where knowing wines will come in handy. For this reason, I have started a personal inquiry of wines and thought it might be not only intriguing, but helpful to share my findings. By no means am I an expert, as you know coffee is my heart’s drink, yet on a “wine’s quest”, so to speak, I will be sharing the wines that I try, my thoughts on them, and a rating in this new wine tasting series.


Coffee is for Every Time of the Day

There is a variety of boldness and taste when it comes to coffee. In deciding on what kind of coffee to drink at a particular time, it is important to keep this in mind along with lifestyle. Someone with a high-intense lifestyle would drink a different coffee round up then one who has, perhaps, a more laidback lifestyle. The following coffee “day menu” is a generalized recommendation based on a gentle start and climb through the day, as well as a decrescendo of coffee roasts.


How to Prepare for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

When it comes to holidays, it is difficult to determine which holiday has the most significant meal. Is it Easter celebration or Christmas merriment? It is hard to say, but one thing is certain, the ONE holiday set around a table gathering is Thanksgiving.

A Black Forest Cake with a Chocolatey Twist

The black forest cake has German origins dating back to the 16th century. There various possibilities as to how the cake got it’s name and many believe it’s because the cake resembles traditional costumes worn by women in the Black Forest.


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with My Favorite Desserts

Life is too short to not enjoy a good dessert! They are our comforts, some of our best memories and downright delicious. There are so many sweet treats to enjoy that it is even hard to compile a list; although I have tried. Over the years, I have tried my fair share of desserts and while there are a variety of decadent, there are some that I keep coming back to to satisfy my sweet tooth.


It’s Not Fall Without These: My Favorite Things for the Season

You won’t see swimsuits, daisy dukes, and flip flops now for a while, unless you live in tropical area that is. Even still, fall is officially here and it’s time to bring out the sweaters, scarves and booties; but it’s not just style that changes. Along with the changing colors of the leaves, come those changes in décor, atmosphere, and taste. So it’s also time to brew that pumpkin spice coffee, light apple cinnamon candles, and bring out the flavorful pies.


Southern Simplicity: The Cream Cheese Pound Cake

When stuck-in-a-dessert rut, this cake never fails. It’s not a backup, but a go-to; when you want something delicious, but not complicated; when you want to sit back and relax. This is a dessert that can be paired with any meal at any time.


Life Happens, Cake Helps: Ultimate Italian Cream Cheese Pound Cake

When I am in the kitchen, I love experimenting and building on recipes that I have already mastered. My latest creation from Christmas was this lovely Italian Cream Cheese Pound Cake. Covered in coconut flakes and topped with seasonal fruits, it requires a lot of love and focus to bring to plate. I particularly like this cake for its tropical flair and “good ole” southern baking from scratch.