Month: July 2020


Start Your Elegant Journey Today Without Spending a Dime

Are you beginning your elegant lifestyle journey, but think it may do damage to your pocket? There are different types of elegant lifestyles from the jetsetter to the minimalist. What does this mean for one pursuing an elegant lifestyle? Well, this means you don’t have to start with spending an exuberant amount. You can save your coin.


Stop Doing These 9 Things That are Destroying Your Elegant Growth

Sometimes, we don’t pay attention to our habits. We have done them all the time, so they have become normalized. We assume that these are just apart of who we are and that’s what they will be. However, that’s not the case. You can stop your bad habits and replace them with beneficial good habits that better serve you. Here are 9 habits to stop that are destroying your elegant growth.


10 Cautionary Myths for Prideful People

There are several myths and rhetoric from Ancient Greece and Rome that focus on the concept of Hubris. Hubris, extreme pride and arrogance, was a common “Hamartia”, or tragic flaw, for many tragic heroes and main characters of myth, whose downfalls relayed a moral lesson. These moral lessons, though, came with dire consequences that warned its audience to never be prideful.