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Step into the Lady’s Lifestyle with These Easy Habits

If you are a female, at some point in your life, you’ve heard the phrase, “act like a lady.” It’s been reinforced with ultimatums and blanketed statements without any direction to the point that being a lady, sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is.

A Luxury Self-Care Day in Shanghai: Jing’an District

An excellent way to level up your self-care days is to set aside time for luxury treatment. To continue with our “Luxury Self-Care Days On-Location” series, let’s move into the city center of Shanghai—Jingan. It’s a great spot to be in with a little something for everyone. Jingan has everything from hidden city retreats in parks to luxury malls and small shops, street stall food to fine dining.

A Luxury Self-Care Day in Shanghai: Huangpu District

One thing to not fall short on is self-care and by doing it up with a bit of luxury you’re in for superb treat. We already have a routine (if not, you should definitely write one) and know that self-care goes a long way for mental and physical health. At certain times, we can benefit from boosting our self-care regimens.

“There is something moon soaked and dawn flavored about her. Something kissed by the wild and loved by the lightning. She looks like Artemis after a night of storm hunting. She looks like the sun as its rising and kissing the dawn.”

~Nikita Gill

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

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Say “Hello” to Modestly Miranda

Hello and welcome to Modestly Miranda.  I am thrilled that you have stopped by my blog.  Are you wondering what’s in this small space of the world wide web?  To answer simply, “Modestly Miranda” will be a sum of eclectic musings.  Life is composed of varying aspects.  Interwoven in these aspects are numerous principles and values.  We are all trying to live this life … Read More Say “Hello” to Modestly Miranda

7 Investments for an Elegant Lifestyle

Elegance is more than a lifestyle and a way to please onlookers. It’s a way of life. While elegance is classy and refined, it extends to a specific attitude, life standard, and appreciation for quality, authenticity, and dignity, which truly makes elegance beautiful. It is the surest way to upgrade your life. So, if you are looking for a transformation through elegance, here are a few investments to consider for an elegant lifestyle.




Hobbies are an essential lifestyle activity. They combat boredom and listlessness, adding value, interest, and novelty. Hobbies are excellent reducers of stress, confidence boosters, and mood up-lifters. Be productive with your time. Challenge yourself and enjoy a new hobby.

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